Our Best & Healthiest Food Wishes for 2023

The end of the year brings no greater joy than the opportunity to express our gratitude to our clients, partners & collaborators.
The NutriSmart Team seize this opportunity to thank you for your trust in our services and support throughout the year. Launching a nutrition consultancy company in Mauritius has been and is really challenging. We are grateful and happy to see all the positive responses when it comes  to evidence-based nutrition education and coaching sessions. We will continue to shout out as a reminder to you all that health is wealth and that weight doesn’t define health!
Sharing with you our best food wishes to end this year and to kick-start the new year smartly.


1. A better relationship with food. 

A healthy relationship with food is priceless. The new year is often synonymous with getting back on track and making resolutions, but same is also frequently accompanied by guilt about what we ate during the festive season. In 2023, we wish you to leave behind this excessive preoccupation with your appearance and what you put on your plate. We wish more people to practice Food Freedom, to stop seeing what you eat as a simple source of nutrients, to learn to recognise what your body does for you… We wish you all a better relationship with food and yourselves.

2. Discounts at the grocery shop. 

Oh Yesss! We all need this as with the increase in the price of the basics food ingredients and grocery basket, we wish ourselves a lot of discounts ahead! Although it doesn’t really solve the problem, the advantage of discounts and sales at the grocery stores is a great way to reduce our weekly bill. We can also take this opportunity to try new products or to get creative by trying to cook the ‘less appealing’ foods the are often discounted because of their appearance.

Also, do consider to check our blog on Meal Prepping Hacks to give you more ideas on how to better manage your food stock and to limit food wastage.

Not to forget, focus on local products as much as you can.

3. Something new and courageous. 

For the year ahead, it’s time to consider investing more energy in the kitchen and try new culinary experiences. We often say, true healthcare starts in the kitchen and it is indeed true. If you are looking into getting healthier and fitter, do not neglect the power of investing more time in the kitchen. Let’s be more creative and treat ourselves with dishes that are our of the ordinary (homemade). We wish you all to be more adventurous, more audacious and more curious when it comes to food preparation. 

Do grab our unique Mauritian cookbook as a smart gift to your loved ones – My Mauritian Kitchen

It’s available in bookshop namely: Bookcourt Mauritius, Le Cygne Rose Hill, Hennessy Park Hotel, Le Printemps Bookshop and on Amazon.

4. No more dieting. Ditch the diet mentality.
The diet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide and the global weight loss products and services market has grown exponentially in the last few years and this growth is expected to continue. In 2023, we hope to be able to say goodbye to the scale as it is just a machine and weight, that figure on the scale, is just a number. It cannot define your health or how fit you are. It can’t tell you how much weight you can lift or how far you can run. We wish you to move and do exercises without putting pressure on yourselves. We wish you to wear and buy clothes in which you feel comfortable and we wish you to learn to listen to your body (the hunger and satiety signals) and to eat the foods you love.

To read more on the diet culture, click here!

5. More nutrition education and thh disappearance of food misinformation. 

We hope to be more careful with regards to the information on food and nutrition that we can find! Nowadays, more and more false and misleading information regarding nutrition is circulating online, whether it is to sell a product or due to lack of scientific evidence. We also wish for better regulation of the nutrition consultancy services in Mauritius, the poorly nourishing food and diet ads that fall on us, especially in January.

Anything is possible in 2023, bring it on!

N.B: To start the new year on the right foot, say no to strict dieting, embrace food freedom and know that a qualified dietitian (with a minimum of 4 years Dietetics degree) can be an excellent ally to start a better relation with food and yourself, plus to eat in more balanced and savoury way!

Thank you ‘berry’ much for sticking by our side!

Healthy & Happy New Year!

With Love,



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