Food Freedom Journey by Yovanee Veerapen

Are you exhausted of strict dieting, food restrictions and periods of overeating?

This program is for you if you:

  • Are tired of strict dieting, food restrictions and overeating?
  • Need help to improve your body image.
  • Want to improve your relationship with food, once and for-all.
  • Don’t want to re-start a diet AGAIN.
  • Are confused with what to eat and want to learn how to make balanced meals without counting/weighing.

To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.

What makes this program unique?

Traditional mindful and intuitive eating can seem impossible and HARD if you aren’t given the right tools, knowledge and action steps to never turn back to dieting.

No more food restrictions and food rules. Feeling like I deserve satisfying meals is something that came easy to me when using ALL the tools I am giving you throughout this program to NEVER turn back. 

It is essential to have a healthy relationship with your food and yourself. Now is the time to free yourself from all the food restrictions and guilt through mindful eating. 

This 12 weeks program will help you view food and nutrition in a completely new way.

Phase 1: Jumpstart your transformation (1 week) + Revamping your thinking about food and weight (4 weeks).

We will have a proper onboarding session (one on one) to assist you on your goal setting with a tailor made meal plan as a guide throughout the program. You’ll learn the dieting cycle, how to reintroduce off-limit foods, what your set-point theory weight is, how to finally ditch dieting (tons of evidence-based data) and all about your metabolism with fun action items and worksheets.

Phase 2: Body Positivity (4 weeks)

We will work together to improve your body image for good. Includes body morphology, limiting beliefs, eating disorder, body dysmorphia, hormonal balance. Not to forget where weight loss and freedom really fits in.

Phase 3: Nutrition Basics (3 weeks)

Learn to eat without stress, guilt, counting and overthinking. Finally embrace the Food Freedom and no more fad diets or counting carbs. You will also lear how to cope when eating out.


Weekly live exercise sessions. Pantry inventory. Shopping guide. Meal prep. Recipe sharing. 1 live cooking session.


Payment facilities available
  • Pay in full - get 10% off
  • Pay in two instalments - 2 x 7,500
  • Pay in three instalments - 3 x 5,000

Course Curriculum

Week 1 : Onboarding – Know your why
Week 2 : Understand the diet cycle
Week 3: Own your calories & body metabolism
Week 4: Debunking food myths
Week 5: Reintroducing off-limit foods
Week 6: Valuing your uniqueness
Week 7: Overeating, post-session
Week 8: Body image work – letting go of perfectionism
Week 9: Nutrition basics: How to eat breakfast & snacks planning
Week 10: Understanding carbs, protein & fats + nutrition facts
Week 11: Eating out
Week 12: Sign Off