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You are worthy!
A lifetime investment in your health so you never have to stress about food again.

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Payment Plan 1

Pay in five instalments
$ 110
5 Months
  • 5,000 MUR x 5 months
  • Pay by Internet Banking or Juice
  • Direct Debit on the 3rd of each month

Payment Plan 2

Pay in two instalments
$ 275
2 Months
  • 12,500 MUR x 2 months
  • Pay by Internet Banking or Juice
  • Direct debit on the 3rd of each month

Pay in full

Get 10% discount
$ 495
once off
  • 22,275 MUR
  • Pay by Card
    or Internet Banking


3 Live Webinars with a Psychologist + Weekly Live Accountability session

Meal planning resources to eat with confidence

1 Cookbook – My Mauritian Kitchen delivered to you at your doorstep within 1 week from the start date.

Once you embarked on the program, you will receive your login details to access the learning platform.

View health as an investment, not an expense