About us

NutriSmart is a full service nutrition consultancy established in Mauritius in 2016 by Yovanee Veerapen, Dietitian and Nutrition Consultant.

Our Way

At NutriSmart, we believe that nutrition is not just about food but about lifestyle as well.

We help you achieve your goals through a holistic program that is unique to each individual.

We strive to provide an innovative and tailored approach to help our clients achieve optimal results.

We reject strict dieting concepts and cookie-cut meal plans. NutriSmart wants you to be smart by bringing clarity to health myths and jargon.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality nutrition coaching and consulting service, empowering individuals and organisations in creating a healthy relationship with food to achieve optimal performance, health and well being.

Developing a healthy relationship with food is the foundation of lifelong health! Our services aim to assist individuals, families and organisations in their relationship with food & nutrition. We strive to promote healthy living, fitness and wellness by providing insight into a personalised diet plan that is designed to match your lifestyle. “You are what you eat!”. Indeed, in order to be healthy we must eat intelligently.

Passionate about the field of nutrition, Yovanee graduated from the University of Mauritius with a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and has since developed her experience as a dietitian in clinical practices.

She envisions a world where nutrition and satisfaction happily coexist, fad diets no longer exist and everyone nurtures their body. She has been practicing as a freelance dietitian and nutrition consultant since 2013. Yovanee guides her clients in developing healthy lifestyle choices through mindful eating. She loves eating good food and chocolate. She enjoys cooking, experimenting with recipes and inspiring others to live a healthy lifestyle.

Corporate Clients & Collaborations