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At NutriSmart, we believe that nutrition is not just about food but about lifestyle as well.

We provide an innovative and tailored approach to help our clients achieve optimal results.

We reject strict dieting concepts and cookie-cut meal plans. NutriSmart wants you to be smart by bringing clarity to health myths and jargon.

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Embarking on a weight loss program with Yovanee 3 years ago was one of the best decisions I ever made. She is very passionate about her job and a real motivator when it comes to achieving a healthy lifestyle. I lost around 28 kilos during the course of the program and have successfully maintained my weight ever since! I now know what a sustainable lifestyle looks and feels like. I really enjoyed working with her and I am sure you will too.
I approached Yovanee for guidance on a balanced nutrition plan that would help achieve my long-term health goals and also in losing and maintaining a healthy weight. The sheer simplicity yet effectiveness of her approach towards the right nourishment was mind-opening. There was nothing drastic or difficult in the nutrition plan. At the end of my 5 months program, she not only helped me with losing weight but has also enlightened me a great deal on how a balanced diet can do wonders, both physiologically & intellectually!
Yovanee has been a great source of motivation for us all, especially for my 2 kids who started to eat vegetables and fish which they previously never liked! She emphasises healthy eating rather than strict dieting and takes the time to provide essential nutrition education sessions which are very helpful. Thank you for always being here to advise and guide us.
Nazia & Jamsheed
If you are looking for a Dietitian/Nutritionist to assist you on your health journey, I would highly recommend Yovanee from NutriSmart. She truly masters her subject and is both highly professional and compassionate. She does not favor strict dieting rules or drastic weight loss. Instead, she helped me develop the art of eating mindfully which has changed my life! Her detailed meal plan was really helpful and on top of it, she also provided some delicious bonus recipes.
My son is morbidly obese and I previously met several professionals to help him manage his weight but our session with Yovanee was just incomparable! As a mother, I was deeply touched by the way she cared and motivated us to cope with the situation. The way she patiently encouraged us using simple yet powerful and heartfelt motivational words was something that no one had done before! My son always look forward to meeting her. She is very caring and lovable.
Mother of an obese adolescent

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